Our Clinic
Jeanette Chen Women’s Clinic is nestled in a cosy corner on the 5th floor of Thomson Medical Centre. Thomson Medical Centre has a long and established reputation for providing excellent medical care for  women and children in Singapore for many years.
Our clinic has been beautifully designed and decorated reflecting our doctor’s love of unique sculptures, flowers and candles. Besides a spacious and comfortable waiting area with a very large television for entertainment, there is also a specially designed area for children and adults as well. Children in the Kids’ Corner can enjoy watching cartoons while resting on soft bean bags, while others can surf the internet in a special computer area. Our patients and visitors will also be well-entertained by the well-stocked variety of magazines to read and  refreshments to enjoy whilst waiting to see the doctor.
A beautiful tree feature in the centre of the kids’ area serves to highlight the unique architecture and `life’ of the clinic. Created with love and filled with birds and butterflies, it has given lots of joy to both the young and the old.
The layout of Dr Jeanette’s consultation room is also specially and thoughtfully arranged so as to facilitate better doctor-patient communication. She has always been a firm believer in good communication and establishing good rapport between herself and her patients.
Our clinic is well equipped with one of the most advanced scanning machine, a CTG machine for  monitoring fetal heartbeat,  a treatment room for doing medical procedures as well as an in-house restroom which adds to the comfort and privacy of our patients.
Dr Jeanette is assisted by two very able staff, Serene and Alena. Both very experienced and efficient in their own fields, they contribute greatly to the running of the clinic and ensuring that our patients are well taken care of.
Many have commented on the peaceful and serene atmosphere of our clinic and the warmth of our staff.  We hope that all who visit our clinic will truly feel right at 'home'!